State of Emergency

Due to medical/financial difficulties, Stasya Briggs and Mike Heiner, can’t continue funding the program as they were, providing as much financial support as was needed.  It means Amigos de Animales have to find a way to raise approximately $ 2500 monthly to be sustainable and continue to operate, investing in education program, providing free and … Continue reading State of Emergency


Wishlist:   * Dog & Cat Carriers/Crates. Hard sided and soft sided. * Traps * metal tie down cables for dogs * Bravecto flea and tick prevention medication/ or other flea and tick medication * KMR New born kitten formula®-Powder-Kittens-Cats-12oz/dp/B077YH3FGK?th=1 * Mange medication * Metal dog bowls * Garbage cans with lids … Continue reading Wishlist

go team !

    I woke up today with every muscle every joint hurting like hell. Today I was thinking I am too old and too sick for this : “... 14 -16 backbreaking hours each day in sauna hot rural Guerrero full  of mosquitoes fleas  and ticks , with shade and fans for the animals recovery … Continue reading go team !