Online Auction Fundraiser

we are putting together an Online Auction to raise funds for Amigos Sanctuary, Feed the Strays program and next Spay and Neuter clinic !

Please, donate items for the Auction. Think of something you have, something special you could donate ?!

May be , you have a handmade souvenir, Amazon gift card, a vintage dress , may be you have a second home and can donate a few days stay ? may be you bake delicious cakes or do tours ? a dinner at your restaurant , a drink at your bar ?

Please, donate any item, a product or a service that potentially can be of an interest to others . To get this Auction super successful we need a lot of interesting items !

No need to ship items to Mexico . This will be online silent Auction.

Example :

Ítem 1 – kilt in Canada . Successful bidder in Nova Scotia . You will ship the item to Nova Scotia .

Ítem 2 – dinner at the restaurant in Calgary . Successful bidder will probably be from Calgary or who visits Calgary .

Ítem 3 – rental in Mexico . Successful bidder will travel to Mexico when safe to enjoy a vacation.

please, pm on facebook or email the photos and descriptions . If in doubt, talk to me!

thank you !

Stasya Briggs , the founder and volunteer

more then ever they need our help , if you can , please, think of some special item you could donate for our Online Auction !