the moment you decide to adopt that one special little child , we kindly ask you to set up a monthly donation to pay for his or her food and basic care. 

the moment parents set up a monthly donation, your baby will be taken off available for adoption list and adoption is considered in effect .

it costs us 50 USD or 65 CAD monthly to take care of the dog.

it costs us 30 USD or 40 CAD  monthly to take care of the cat.

Click here to Set Up Monthly Donation Now ! 


when your child leaves the shelter and makes it home , we ask you to PLEASE ! CONTINUE your monthly donation with ANY AMOUNT YOU CAN AFFORD ! there are so many rescue kids in our shelter, who no one wants and who might live in the shelter all their lives. Hopefully with your help and help if other Angels , we will be able to feed and provide basic care for them.

Transport and Transport Fees

  • It’s the easiest and most convenient way If you come here for a vacation and will be taking your new baby home home with you , we will help you with all the documents, flight reservations etc .
  • If we are sending your baby to you with a Transport Volunteer, It can take between a few days, weeks up to 2-3 months to find a transport volunteer who will be flying to your location.

Travel fees consist of 3 parts :

1 Travel Prep fee *          : 100 USD or 130 CAD

2 Airline Pet fee*             : between 45   US / 55  CA up to 355 CAD ( depends on airline) 

3 Crate inspection fee*  :  35 CAD ( Canada only )



* Travel Prep Fee

includes Spaying or Neutering , Flea and Tick Bath,  Dewarming , All Required for international travel Vaccines & Vaccine Certificate,  International Health Certificate . 

* Airline pet travel fee

Airline                                in Cabin                                in Cargo

Air Alaska                          100 US / 125 CAD              100 US / 125 CAD

Air Canada                         100 CAD                               355 CAD

American Airlines             125 US / 158  CAD             200 US / 252 CAD

AeroMexico                         ?                                          200 US / 252 CAD

WestJet                                 45   US / 55  CAD                no animals in cargo

United                                  125  US / 158  CAD             no animals in cargo



1 . please, book direct flights if you can or flights with maximum one layover with the same airlines.

2. Our Favorite Airlines is Alaska Airlines , very pet friendly, good service, reasonable pet travel fees. We also have positive experience working with West Jet and AirCanada . But if you have a choice , please, book Alaska Airlines.