Adoption Process and Fees

we are :

we are an animal welfare foundation & sanctuary with about 150 rescues , dogs and kitties , located in rural Mexico , with limited funds and resources, rescuing starving , abused , hurt and dying dogs and cats.  We only interfere in life and death situations.

we operate solely on donations.

you are :

you are an Animal Lover, crazy as we are, you can’t tolerate animals being hurt and suffer, you want to do all you can to save at least one poor soul you feel connected to .

how to adopt a rescue child from our sanctuary:

option 1 :

The best and easiest way to adopt from us is to come visit, have a beach vacation and bring your new baby back home with you. We are located in Barra de Potosi , the most gorgeous tropical area of Pacific Mexico, minutes from the international airport of Zihuatanejo- Ixtapa , by 10 mile long incredible beach, dotted with palms , little restaurants and rental bungalows. We will recommend you the best BnBs , Inns and Rentals beachfront or at the village, for all the budgets and tastes.  We will help you every step of the way ,  planning your vacation, visiting the shelter ; we will prepare all the documents , get your new child booked on your flight and take you to the airport !

option 2:

if you can’t come, but you fell in love with one of  the rescues in the shelter , we will work together to find a transport volunteer and get your new baby into your arms !

Before you proceed to send an adoption inquiry , please, make sure :

1 . All adoptions come with risk of adopting a sick animal , we do our very best to get our rescues healthier, but still – anemia, tick disease, ringworms or mange are pretty common among furry kids rescued from the streets and living in the shelter environment, good news these are some minor problems that will not affect future of your new child and can be cured by meds within a few weeks. If we are aware of someone has major health conditions, we will of course , disclose it in the description.

2. Our dogs are not house trained.

3. Please, be prepared for a wait time, between a few days to a few months . The world has changed since pandemic and we used to find a transport volunteer within a few days or weeks , now people travel less and we have to wait longer.

Adoption Inquiry


we do NOT charge any ADOPTION FEES 

the moment you decide to adopt that one special furry little child , we will kindly ask you to set up a monthly donation  and help us pay for the food and basic care for your new baby, while he or she is still in our shelter .

it costs ~ 50 USD or 65 CAD monthly to take care of the dog.

it costs ~ 20 USD or 27 CAD  monthly to take care of the cat.

Please, set up a monthly donation and contribute AS MUCH as you can  ! If you can do 100 great, 50 awesome, 25 is a huge help, every single dollar helps poor animals in need and your newly adopted furry child .

the moment parents set up a monthly donation,  adoption is considered in effect .

Click here to Set Up Monthly Donation Now ! 

when your child leaves the shelter and makes it home , we ask you to PLEASE if you can, CONTINUE your monthly donation with ANY AMOUNT YOU CAN AFFORD ! every dollars will help, we have over 100 rescue kids in our shelters and many street dogs and cats we feed, and often we don’t have enough money to pay for their vet care or buy food for everyone .

To Bring Your Furry Child Home will cost you anywhere between 200 USD / 270 CAD up to 370 US / 500 CAD or rarely it can be even a little more.

1 .Travel Prep fee

100 US / 135 CAD ( Vet check up, Spaying or Neutering , Flea and Tick Bath,  Dewarming , All Required for international travel Vaccines & Vaccine Certificates,  International Health Certificate )

2. Airline Pet Travel fee

Airline                                 in Cabin                                in Cargo

Alaska Air ……………………..100 US …………………………… animals in cargo

Air Canada …………………….100 CAD …………………………. 355 CAD

American Airlines …………125 US / 158  CAD …………. 200 US / 252 CAD

AeroMexico      …………………………………………………………  200 US / 252 CAD

WestJet………………………………45   US / 55  CAD……………. no animals in cargo

United ……………………………. 125  US / 158  CAD ………….  no animals in cargo

3 Inspection Fee  35 CAD ( Canada only )

4 If you need a crate – we will buy a crate for your either at the pet store or vet office and we will send you a receipt to reimburse us , if you don’t need new crate, we will be happy to lend you one of our crates as long as you are prepared to return it with one of our Travel Volunteers flying back to Zihuatanejo within a year .


1. please, never let money stay in a way of adopting a furry child from us, if you don’t have enough to cover some of the expenses, let’s fundraise together !

Let’s work together to make miracle happen and give one poor rescue child a loving family and happy life full of joy, cuddles, love and happiness !

2. It’s easier to send a pet to a large international airport , like Vancouver , Calgary , Los Ángeles etc , more time is needed to send a pet to a smaller airport, please, try to be flexible and consider driving to a large international airport to pick your baby .

3. The easiest and most convenient way if you come here for a vacation and will be taking your new baby home home with you , we will help you with accommodations, airport, all the documents, flight reservations etc . Please, discuss your flights with us before booking, we know who is pet friend and who is not, who takes pets in cargo and who takes them on board only . If we are sending your baby to you with a Transport Volunteer, it can take between a few days, weeks up to a few months to find a transport volunteer who will be flying to your location.

whatever questions you might have, about adoption process, expenses, travel , don’t hesitate to contact me and I am always happy to help, nothing is more important for us as to give our rescues a chance to a happy life with loving and caring family ¡

Stasya Briggs