go team !




09DEC661-8A72-468D-B26F-D1CF3C0F6BC7A46B1A3D-3113-46BB-A47E-C6303659F51FI woke up today with every muscle every joint hurting like hell. Today I was thinking I am too old and too sick for this : “… 14 -16 backbreaking hours each day in sauna hot rural Guerrero full  of mosquitoes fleas  and ticks , with shade and fans for the animals recovery only, forgetting to have a sip of water… “

and then I remembered … and joy and pride was rushing through my veins… I remembered hard work and happy faces of my comrades; I remembered how grateful pet owners were, people with no means were bringing us coconuts and ice packs; I remembered even the youngest of our kids refusing to head back home, carrying on till the end of the day; I remembered how our little volunteers were teaching their age-mates from Los Almendros how to care for the animals; 

and most important I remembered dogs and cats we took care off these days and thousands of puppies and kitties who will not have the cruel fate of being born only to be killed or to live the life of starvation and abuse. 

we have spayed and neutered 100 dogs and cats in 2 days in small village of Los Almendros in rural Guerrero with only 1 amazing vet and our team from Barra d Potosi. 

and it makes a total of 1500 animals fixed in 4 years! 

Viva Amigos ! Viva Barra de Potosí ! Viva Mexico ! 

if you can , please, consider becoming of our Guardian Angles and set up a monthly donation . 

our list of expenses is a mile long and our own pockets have been empty for a while, we have to feed and care for the animals at our shelter, continue Spay and Neuter clinics, we need resources to expand our educational efforts. 

can you spare 5-10 dollars a month ? 25 or 50 ? any regular monthly donation will help us make our little world a better place for both animals and humans. 

visit our website to donate 


AMIGOS DE ANIMALES Non Profit Society 

Incorporation Number S0068561, BC, Ca

with love and gratitude,

Stasya Briggs and Shelley Juss