no one should be starving

Daily we take care of approx 50 animals between our safe house , Hacienda la Rusa and our foster families. Plus we feed a few dozens stray animals. On occasion we help animal loving but very low income families with dog and cat food .

We buy 16-20 bags of the cheapest food sold at the Sams Club, each bag is 25 kilos , also we have to buy specialty food for our sick patience, or nursing mamas, or orphans kittens and puppies, which usually includes a bag or two of cat food Royal Canine or Hills called Urinary , kittens and puppies formula, and min 30 cans a months of Royal Canine or Hills of Recovery .

800-100 US dollars ( united states dollars) we pay for food only .

plus vet bills, spay and neuter, vaccines, fumigation, tick and flea prevention, mange treatments , antiparásitos, shelter maintance, and many  items  like fumigator , garbage bags, shampoos, bowls , hardware, wheelbarrow, instruments , brooms, etc etc the list can go … we are struggling every day to make ends meet .

We depend solely on your kindness and generosity 💕 please, donate !