Happy Birthday !

Happy 1 Month Birthday Baby Kittens !

These Easter bunnies were born on Easter day and were left in a box by the doorstep of my BnB in Barra de Potosi. First weeks, I had to feed them , clean them up and  help them go bathroom every 2 hours.. then every 3.. then every 4 hours.. and eventually came the day, they let me sleep thru the night . Yey !



I am so grateful for all the support I had from so many people. I had all the supplies needed, donated by our friends , contributors and supporters. I immediately had a couple of friends sending a donation, which helped with their vet bills . My partner, Shelley, was on the phone with me, comforting and keeping me sane. My husband, Mike, stayed up with me for a couple of nights. Alix and Steve came over one evening to help out.  when Katerina came to Barra for a a few days, she found time  in her busy Whales of Guerrero schedule and was on the floor with me rubbing their bellies any chance she had. Damaris, of Turtle Camp, immediately sent me a message offering to help if needed . And of course, I was teaching my staff  Yogi, Janet and Mari how to take care of the new born orphans.

I would already be in a nut house if it was not for all of you .

So we made it to 1 month! Sometimes I am still worried if they make it. A couple of little ones have taurine deficiency. One kitten has nervous system damage, he has problems with balance and still can’t walk. Another one has slightly balance issues, but it’s impirving . Two had/have eye infections , which could have left them blind.

They require special diet, vitamins , treatments like eye drops, tests to determine to severity of the nervous system damage etc. And of course, they need a lot of love, care and kisses ❤️

These babies had a rough start in their lives, but they have a pretty good chance to survive with me and I need your help to keep fighting for their lives and, hopefully, find them good homes.

We don’t have a shelter for cats. Our safe house is for dogs only since some of our rescue dogs are not friendly with visiting cats.

Please, help us find them good homes ❤️

Please, donate towards their care ❤️

Stasya & Amigos