Once again Turtle Camp comes to the rescue ❤️

we are blessed to have amazing friends, always ready to give a hand.

everyone this year thinks the rain might come early and it’s urgent and important to get our little shelter ( we call it safe house ) prepared for the hurricane season: reinforce fences, check gates, bring more gravel and sand in and , of course, eventually build a little rain shelter area for the dogs.


The other day, our friends from Ayotlcalli turtle camp, located in Playa Blanca, founded and led Damaris Marin Smith, the amazing beautiful person and the president of campamento Tortuguero Ayotlcalli AC. who with her volunteers came at 6 am to help us beat the mid day heat and spread a truck load of gravel/sand.

Its not the first time Damaris and her volunteers come to help us, they have volunteers at many of our Spay and Neuter clinics; Damaris is completely by lingual and helped us teach animal welfare classes at the schools . They also always in need of financial support and volunteers, and if turtles and marine conservation is up your alley, click to visit their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ayotlcalli/.

Stasya & Amigos