Thank you for your kindness, friends!

Amigos de Animales is a very small , a few people, animal welfare group . And with your generous and kind help, we make an incredible difference in this part of the world, on the beautiful coast of Guerrero state in Mexico .

Thank you for your monetary donations, food, supplies and volunteering !

Victoria and Dave Stuart, Irene Pasnak, Katie Cazorla Designs, Ashley Hutchison, Ryan Wionzek, Ruth Kirner, Tammy and T2 Volleyball Team, John and Laurette Gambill, Allison Vold, Cody Anderosov, Cecilia rahner, Lesley madden, Manny Arruda, Laura D. Farquharson, Debbie Beamer, Trudy rigler, Diane Portman, Kimberly Beckstead, Tracy Kelso, Mary Minor, Cynthia Silbernagel, Kira Hackett, Jane Fiala, Holly Williams, Michele McBurney, Tana Emerson, Clare Currie and joe Currie, Glen & Deb , Shari and Dave of Casa Puesta de Sol…
Maria Kuri, Olympia Veterinary Hospital , Wendy Dublanica and the family, Bjarnason family, our mass sterilization vet Dra Eunice and her family , Carol Romain , Karen Ross , our vet Dra Lhia , Donna Juss and Gary Traverse… Charis Arlett , Lora and Terry Wyman and their friends , Stewart and Alfredo guests at bungalows Solecito, Benita and Dole Friss , our friends from San Carlos : Tracy, Valeria , Hillary, Pam, Karen..
All our amazing facebook friends and supporters who pray for us and share our posts and help spread the word .

As our volunteer Jeanne Palmer said the other day:
Animals don’t have the voice, so you will never stop hearing ours !

We , all together, are their voice . Thank you for making it stronger!

P.S. and I especially want to thank our team… Shelley, Patty, Gris, Edgar, Mitch and Mike , Pam, and Hacienda la Rusa employees Yogi , Mari and Janet , who work hard every single day and make incredible beautiful things happen one day at a time, saving one life at a time …

Stasya Briggs