Happy Easter S/N clinic


thank you Allison and Bill Helm for sponsoring another Spay and Neuter clinic ! 37 dogs and cats from Barra de Potosi, los Farollones and playa Blanca will live longer and healthier, they will not have litter after litter of unwanted babies and life full of misery, starvation and sufferings.

shoutout and eternal gratitude to our amazing amazing team of volunteers and friends : Doctora Eunice Cuesta and her family Esteban, Magda, Danielle, Esteban jr; Patty and Mitch , Edgar and Gris, Carol Romain  , Karen Ross, Kris Bjarnason, dona Sabi, Yogi and Janet of Hacienda la Rusa.

Special thank yous :

to Patty & Mitch and Edgar who  prepared, set up and installed the clinic , worked hard, stayed up till midnight, and have done a complete clean up after . Hard working, smart people with hearts of gold ! Thank you !

to Bjarnason family, not only Kris is our super shaver, the whole family is amazing, they always donate food when they have a chance , transport and volunteer! Thank you !




Happy Easter everyone!

Stasya  &  Shelley & Amigos