Beach Dogs of Barra de Potosi

We, Amigos, feed and take care of dozens and dozens stray and community dogs and cats  . Carol Romain , one of Amigos oldest friends, came up with the term community pet during the Spay and Nueter clinic last year. Community dogs and cats have owners, there is normally someone who will say : “it’s mine” , but unfortunately, they don’t feed, treat, care for their animals, due to the lack of funds and education .

Miguel is one of our oldest community dogs,  we feed him and others like him. A month ago, Miguel developed a serious skin condition and we had to take him to the vet, yesterday was the last day of medication and Miguel is happy and back to the beach to enjoy his buddies,  freedom and warm tropical weather!

Please, click donate to help us feed and take care of Miguel and a lot of other community and stray dogs and cats of Barra de Potosi and Playa Blanca ❤️

Stasya Briggs &  Amigos