new rescues

Our mama and us, 8 pups , were abandoned in the jungle . It was ok, cause we had our mama. But a week ago, our mama got sick and died.

It was very very scary, we missed our mama and we were starving .

We were so lucky , sometimes this Russian lady of Amigos de Animales walks her big dog in the jungle and her dog heard us cry!

can you help Amigos de Animales to take care of us ?!


Friends, can you help us rescue these little precious babies and so many others  ?

We need monthly donors. If there is a chance you can spare 10-25-50-100 … anything monthly ! dollars, pesos, rubles …, please, sign up to become a member and help us in this ongoing battle for kindness, for love, for life …

Stasya Briggs and Amigos

with Shelley Juss, Mike Heiner, Patty Sullivan, Mitchell Thorp, Pamela Vallee