what do you think we are doing ?




this  video shows part of our life , life of Amigos de Animales: how we feed, we trap , trying to spay and neuter stray and owned dogs and cats, sometimes there are tears.. sometimes there is laughter, there is always lots of patience and love …

this group of stray dogs has been around , on the outskirts of the village for quite a while, first our dear volunteer Janet was feeding the dogs and tried to catch them, then for over 2 months my beloved friend Charis was feeding and helping us catch them, my partner Shelley was patiently sitting gaining their trust every morning , our companions and volunteers Patty and Mitch visited them daily … and finally we have some success! yey ! some were caught and sterilized … there is still one more pup and another adult female and male to go.. They are beyond scared of people, people are not nice with these dogs..  and of course, they run away and don’t let us anywhere close.. But we are not going anywhere ! It will be done !

And now is the usual plea .. lol you knew it was coming??!! 😜

1. if you can adopt, please, do… adopt the pups or adults in the video or the ones in our Safe House. Please, don’t let us put them back on the streets ! Especially the pups 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

2. If you can’t adopt, please, consider virtual fostering ! we don’t have the money to keep everyone in our Safe House, but our hearts breaks into millions of pieces if and when we have to release a puppy back to the street.. adults might make it.. pups might not …

3. If you can’t adopt or virtual foster , please, donate to help us feed them, we can’t spay and neuter and then just leave them out there starving, we go and feed everyone we can…

our website is http://www.amigosdeanimales.com click to sign up for a monthly donation if you can ! and the cool part is that Amigos is a non profit association and your donation might be tax deductible, we send a receipt!

Thank you!

with love and gratitude ,

Stasya Briggs and Amigos