We are still open !

We made it thru another month . We have sterilized a dozen of dogs and cats, we fed a lot of hungry bellies and our Safe House is still open . We will do our best to stay open .

Thanks to all these beautiful people, we had received donations.. money, food, supplies… and we make it thru February.

Diane & Ross Portman,  Cheryl Engle, Michael Cross, Capri Rasmussen, Steven Radke, Laurette Gambill, Tana Emerson, Michele McBurney…

Victoria and Dave Stuart sponsored building a roof for the rainy season to protect our kids from the rain and elements

Holly Williams, Jane Fiala, Allison Helm, Christine Redekopp, Cynthia Silbernagel, Mary Lewis Chapman, Mary Minor, Meagan Welch, Trudy Rigler, Roz Topolinsky, Allison Vold. Fiona Smith, Tammy and her T2 Volleyball, Kim Bruder, Margaret Elgen, Kathlene Kuzak, John Connor, Ruth Kirner, Faith Finn, Ryan Wionzek…

Allison and Bill Helm ,  have been supporting the project for a long time and now sponsored the next sterilization clinic !

Karen & Richard Ross, Chris garcia, Wendy Dubl Nicol ( alix hellyer sister ) , casa puesta del sol ( Deb, Shari, Glen, Dave) …

Donna Juss who asked her friends and family to donated funds for Amigos for  her birthday
Mitch  & Patty ….

Thank you , amigos ! We would not have made it this far without your kindness and generosity!!!



Since a little over a month ago , since we became a legally registered non profit association and had to change the paypal account , more than half of our monthly supporters didn’t re-subscribe to donate monthly …

We do understand – circumstances change, and we understand perfectly what it means to hit the rock bottom, what it means not to know how to make it thru tomorrow … but we have to keep moving , our furry babies have no one else to count on, we are IT, we all they have , we are the only ones… and if you have some spare change, please, remember that your 10-20-50 dollars a month will be  making a huge difference for the rescue dogs and cats in Mexico!

100 people donating 20 dollars can sponsor a whole sterilization clinic !
50 people donating 10 dollars pay foster care for 5 dogs and 5 cats for a month !
10 people donating 5 dollars will spay or neuter one dog !

Every single penny counts and helps ! Keep fighting a noble and good fight with us !

Stasya Briggs and Amigos