Barra de Potosí fair 2018

Every year there is an arts and crafts fair in our village. I have never participated, I had no time and no desire. This year things turned out quite different. When the date of the fair was set, I told to Patty Sullivan , I have never done fairs and don’t know how , her response was –  no worries, we do !



Patty and  Mitch , with the help of another dear friend & neighbor / volunteer Wendy , have planned it all, they ordered new t-shirts for sale, organized more volunteers to help sale and promote. Edgar brought a few pups from the corral to show people we mean business 😻 – all proceeds go to support our furry rescues !

Alix and Steve were selling cement stepping stones , Alix was designing and manufacturing those for a few months! and of course, everyone Shelley, Charis, Jocelyn, Karen, Pam and Mike were out there engaging , promoting , convincing, advertising , soliciting for donations and selling selling selling !

Love these beautiful people doing beautiful things helping us rescue.. spay & neuter .. feed & care …

Stasya & Amigos