20180212_145034xHi everyone!  My name is Wally.  I am a 2 year old boy, and I am available for adoption.  I am a little bit confused about this, because the new people I just met from Amigos de Animales seem very excited for me.  They tell me I will get a new family that loves me very much.  It is hard for me to be excited right now, though, knowing that my current family doesn’t want me.
My new friends tell me that I am mistreated, but the life I have is all I know.  I am not sure if it is true.  So, let me tell you my story and you can tell me what you think.
I live in a cage on a lot next door to my family.  In the cage I am on a heavy chain.  My dad says that is to protect me from running away.  I did go through a hole in the cage once!  I was so curious about what is out there, but I guess that was wrong.   My dad also says I bark too much, but I am so lonely that I beg everyone walking by just to notice me and say hello.  I guess that is wrong too.
My new friends came to visit me a couple weeks ago.  They were so nice to me!  They talked to me, scratched my head and back, and they also gave me this new food that I had never seen.  They called it kibble, and boy was it good!  Normally, I eat whatever is leftover and kind of old.  Today I had a stale bolillo (roll), some tortillas, and spaghetti that tasted funny and made me sick.
My friends came back a couple of days later, and took me for a ride in their car!  That was so exciting.  We went to see this pretty lady that they called doctora.  She was nice to me too.  Well, she did give me a needle and when I woke up, they told me I was neutered.  But, I got to ride in the car again, so it was ok!

But the doctora and my new friends were very upset.  I don’t know if I did something wrong, but they kept pointing at my neck.  When we got home, they were mad at my dad, I think.  More pointing at my neck.  Then the lady put a collar on me that felt so nice.  The heavy chain that was around my neck was really uncomfortable but I never thought about till I got this collar.  My dad hooked the chain to it, but still it was an improvement.  I can’t see it, but apparently I have no hair where the chain was and some open sores.

Last night, the man came and just hung out with me.  He didn’t want anything, just to be my friend!  I can’t believe it, I have friends!  He told he will come and take me for walks!!
Today, they came back and talked to my dad some more.  He told them he doesn’t want me.  I don’t know why they seem so relieved, but I feel like I can trust them, so here I am.
They told me stories about playing with my future parents, their children, and maybe even their other dogs!  I am embarrassed to tell them that I don’t really know what play means, but it must be a good thing.  They smile so much when they tell me about it.
I think this is the point where I am supposed to ask you to please consider being the family or person that they have told me about.   So what do you say?  Yes?

Thank you for reading my story and looking at my pictures!  Please rescue me!
~Patty & the Amigos Crew
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