A few days ago, we had the opportunity to speak with children at the primary school here in Barra de Potosí.  We were invited as part of an annual art project program with this year’s theme being animals.  Campamento Tortuguero Ayotlcalli (the Turtle Camp) and a local bird expert were also there the same day to speak to the children.

This was Edgar’s first foray into the classroom, but he overcame his nervousness easily and did a great job.  The children were quite receptive to his chat about caring for animals, especially when they are sick.

As you may have noticed, recently we have had a few dogs come into our safe house, not because they were sick, but because they were mistreated due to an illness.

With us were Abagail, our sweet little girl who came to us with a mouth full of warts, and Antonio a very, uh, healthy (aka chubby) puppy who came to us with his 8 siblings, with less than half his hair and a belly full of worms.  Both Abagail and Antonio look great now and the children were amazed when we showed them the ‘before’ pictures.  Edgar stressed to the children that love is just as important as food and medicine to any animal (humans included!)

We also showed them pictures of Jesus (aka Carlos) when we first got him, and ‘after’ with his adoptive mom in Canada.  They couldn’t believe it!

We are appreciative of the invite, and we look forward to many more visits in local schools.  After all, Education is one of our most important missions!

Then in the evening we attended a meeting about the Barra de Potosí street fair where we will have an informational table (and PUPPIES!  Hint-hint).  Here, the art projects completed by the students will be on display.

To our local followers, we hope to see you there.  It is a do-not-miss event!

~Patty & the Amigos

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