You may or may not know the main mission of Amigos de Animales is to spay and neuter, not only stray dogs and cats, but those of low income owners who would not otherwise sterilize their pets. Many of these pets are allowed free reign of the neighborhood, so have many litters.

Our mission is to avoid overpopulation, leading to fewer stray animals, leading to a healthier and happier environment for the people and the animals in our area.

We wanted to remind you, our awesome followers, since so many of our posts are related to pups in bad shape that we try to help, and on the end of the spectrum, happy stories of adoption. These are both truly great causes, but we believe that if we accomplish our main mission, STERILIZATION, there will the need for our other activities will diminish or even disappear. We strive everyday to reach that point.

Since the inception of Amigos de Animales four years ago, we have sterilized more than 1,375 animals, given animal welfare classes in 13 local schools stressing the importance of sterilization and proper animal care, and placed over 200 animals in homes locally and abroad.

Mitchell and I have personally had the good fortune to help facilite the sterilization of about 75 animals just since starting to work with Amigos in November! We will continue to have clinics, and to take individual animals as needed.

We are sharing pictures with this post of our last clinic (end of November – 50 dogs and cats sterilized!), and of some of the lovies we have taken to Dra. Lhia one by one.

Our next clinic we be in March, so in the meantime we will continue with the one by one sterilizatons. We hope to be able to have clinics more often in the future. Thanks to each and every one of you that has supported us in this effort.

We can not do this without you!

~Patty & the Amigos

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