Thank You!

Thank you, dear friends, who made sure we made it thru January with weekly sterilizations, some new rescues, a couple of adoptions , daily vet visits , a few losses and our coral is still operating. We made it another month. THANK YOU !

We reply solely on your generous donations. Thanks to you , we organize sterilization clinics, we are able to care for 50+ animals between our corral, foster homes, and Hacienda la Rusa, as well as daily provide basic care, food and pay for spay and neuter of  stray animals and pets of low income families.

As always support came in different ways … the most needed monetary donations … donations of items for our animals and foster families and volunteering and food !

Allison Helm, Rebecca Starr, Laurette Gambill, Jana Sulley Hadley & Ron,  Carley Fletcher & Eric, Karin & Byron Carlson, Daniela Anna Palomb, Colleen Ireland , Christine Redekopp, Shelley Juss, Christina Trott, Tana Emerson, Lila Guldberg Reber, Tania Randolph, Tammy Thomas & T2 Volleybal, Laurie gibson, Jan Mcduffee, Julia Biermann, gordon wilson, Diane Kennedy, Mary Minor, Ryan Wionzek, Skye Lee Ann Corp, Kathryn & Trey Brown, Jean Palmer, Michele McBurney, David & Victoria Stuart, Sheila & Kris & Rob Bjarnason, Maria Jensen, Alan Rodriguez,  Lorraine & Ken  Frey, Chris Garcia, Patty Sullivan & Mitchell Thorp, Alix & Steve Hellyer, Yves Vermettes, Pamela Valley, Jane Fiala, Diane Portman.

Special Thank you goes to our friend and big supporter of the program – Carol Romain ! Carol and Doug became our first members of the club !

Top Dog ! Wuff Wuff !!!


please , keep  on giving and spread the word !
As a private, non-profit animal welfare organization, we rely entirely on donations to keep our doors open to save lives.

Please, let your animal loving friends, neighbors, coworkers know and help us continue a good fight .



Stasya Briggs & Amigos !