Today was big day at Dra. Lhia for our two sick girls.

Abagail went in for a checkup. Last week, it did not seem like the treatment was working at all, so Dra. Lhia added another immune boosting treatment. if that did not work, our remaining option was time. Well! It looks like we are making (slow) progress. Some of the growths are changing color! Progress! We have also added vitamins that we looked into based on feedback from our supporters. Thank you!

She still has a way to go, but we are moving in the right direction. We are so excited…and relieved!

Next, Manchas had her second chemotherapy treatment for TVT. She has handled the treatment very well, with no nausea or loss of appetite. This is great news as good nutrition is a very important part of healing. The good doctora was quite pleased with her progress, and is hopeful that she will need just one more treatment!

Her papa Freddy was all smiles about his report, and grateful for our help with her medical care. We were able to convince Freddy’s family to give us “cooperation” (i.e. contribute a portion of the treatment cost) but these treatments are still quite expensive for us.

Two steps forward.

THEN…after we got Manchas settled in at home, Freddy told us he had a sick kitten that wandered off the road. Poor baby was so weak and sick. Back to the vet we went! She knew immediately that we loved her and would care for her. She purred and purred all the way to Dra. Lhia, who treated her and fed her. We were all hopeful that this little pretty would survive. She purred and ate, then ate and purred, and cuddled with us before we left.

But, it was not be. She went over the rainbow in her sleep that night. We are sad that she suffered and did not survive, but oh, so happy that she felt safe and loved in her last hours.

~Patty & the Amigos

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